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How an Online Do-It-Yourself Divorce Works | 3 Step Divorce

Complete divorce guide with state requirements and laws.
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Ending a marriage doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. It doesn't have to be a battle in the courtroom or cause months of emotional drama. 3StepDivorceTM eliminates all of this.

3StepDivorceTM is a "do it yourself" (without a lawyer) solution for any uncontested divorce (with or without children). An uncontested divorce is one in which you and your spouse are in agreement.

3StepDivorceTM helps you prepare your own state and county specific divorce forms addressing your property, debt, children (if you have any), and any other relevant issues. You will easily complete your online divorce forms and the easy-to-follow step-by-step filing procedures will take you through the filing process in a timely, professional, and hassle-free fashion.

In some cases you will be able to file your DIY divorce by mail or by fax without appearing in court. We can never guarantee this because the rules are different by state and sometimes by county, but rest assured, with 3StepDivorceTM, filing your own divorce could not be more simple.

Step 1 See if You Qualify & Create Your Account
Your state Qualifying Form will walk you through the account creation process. The short process of establishing your account will quickly get you started on completing your paperwork.
Step 2

Complete Online Questionnaire
Answer a few easy (non-legal) questions and most customers can answer all the questions in less than 1 hour. Keep in mind that you can complete the questions at your own pace as well as share the login information with your spouse for his or her participation if desired. All of the questions you answer are saved and you may alter each answer at any time.

Step 3

Print, Sign & File
After all the questions are answered, you will instantly generate and print your completed forms and filing procedures to file your divorce. You may reprint or alter your forms as many times as necessary before you begin the filing process.

You also have the comfort of unlimited free product support by e-mail. Our support team is here to help you from start to finish.

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We downloaded our paperwork on...
We downloaded our paperwork on a late Friday evening completed it and submitted it to the court next Tuesday morning. We only needed one question answered and the response was given within a day...
– Elizabeth J.
I have been so impressed with the...
I have been so impressed with the assistance I received. The response to my questions were quick and helpful. The process is easy to follow. I highly recommend the service...
– B. E.
Much easier than I expected
This was a lot easier than I anticipated! Difficult thing to go through but your process kept it from being any more stressful than it needs to be! Thank you!
– Jeff Miller
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