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Divorce Mediation Process | File Uncontested After Mediation

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Divorce mediation works very nicely with a Pro Se filing. A form of alternative dispute resolution, Pro Se divorce mediation works when spouses are willing to cooperate and particularly when they want the benefit of an inexpensive option to finalize their divorce.

Divorce mediation appeals to couples that seek a peaceful, amicable divorce. Mediation sidesteps the long, painful and often costly contested divorce. It is quite different than typical divorce litigation. The divorce mediation process involves the resolution of a separation or divorce where an entirely neutral mediator assists spouses in achieving a fair and workable agreement. As the architects of their own agreement, mediating spouses retain exclusive control over all decisions they make. In litigation, by contrast, the fate of their futures lies in the hands of divorce lawyers, judges, a backlogged court system that often does not have the time to fully analyze and consider specific facts of your case.

Mediation is voluntary. It continues only for so long as all three parties - the spouses and the mediator - want it to. Mediation sessions can be conducted weekly, every two weeks, monthly or how ever often the couple wants them to be.

Divorce mediation ensures that the sanctity of the family's spiritual, emotional and financial future is preserved. It is not marriage counseling. The primary objective of divorce mediation is to assist spouses in reaching an agreement in a less confrontational setting.

The mediator cannot and does not order either spouse to do anything. He or she will help defuse emotions and guide the spouses through the issues. A divorce mediator is neutral, doesn't work for either spouse and does not give advice to either spouse. They must remain neutral no matter what the situation. A mediator can often suggest creative solutions to difficult problems that seemed insoluble because they deal with every issue involved in the divorce including equitable distribution of property and debts, child custody, time-sharing, and support issues, leading to a complete agreement and uncontested divorce.

Through the assistance and guidance of an experienced divorce mediator, spouses, not the court, make all of their own decisions that they assemble as their marital settlement agreement. Once the agreement is reached the preparing and filing of the divorce paperwork with the court is the final step, which 3StepDivorceTM makes extremely easy!

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We downloaded our paperwork on a late Friday evening completed it and submitted it to the court next Tuesday morning. We only needed one question answered and the response was given within a day...
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I have been so impressed with the assistance I received. The response to my questions were quick and helpful. The process is easy to follow. I highly recommend the service...
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Much easier than I expected
This was a lot easier than I anticipated! Difficult thing to go through but your process kept it from being any more stressful than it needs to be! Thank you!
– Jeff Miller
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