Thinking about Divorce, What Else Do You Need to Think About?

Divorce is not an easy situation. Do you contact an attorney or do you do it yourself? If you contact an attorney what do you even say to them? Some very important issues that should be discussed and may be overlooked due to emotions running high and not thinking clearly are first and foremost if you have children: child support, child custody, who will have legal and who will have physical custody, visitation, grandparent visitation, if the family is blended, visitation with step-siblings and the stepparent. What about insurance, health, dental and vision, who will be responsible for taking care of that for the children? There is also college to think about as well as beneficiaries of any life insurance policies the parents have. While these are topics not necessarily fun to discuss they are very important. Divorce is not simply about leaving the spouse, but if there are children involved, the children must be taken into consideration.

There are many other issues dealing with divorce that most couples may not realize or even think about apart from dividing the assets, debts, liabilities and even what to do with the children. Emotions run high, hurts run deep and learning to forgive yourself, forgive your spouse, realize that no matter what it is important to find a support system to help with any emotional, financial and legal aspects of the divorce. There is a great deal of information on the Internet to get you started with finding out about divorce before you ever actually file. Take the time, read the information, this is a huge decision, don’t just jump in and make a decision without having all the facts.

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