The Divorce Party

Many man and woman memorialize their passage back to the single life with a divorce party. The protocols for these parties vary, but one source offers these tips for the perfect bash:

> Wait until the divorce is final.

> Make sure your kids are out of the house. 

> Don’t schedule anything important for the next day. 

> Invite anyone who has stood by you through the divorce, including your divorce lawyer

> Avoid inviting anyone who might think less of you if they see you in party mode.

> Consider inviting your ex-spouse, as long as you have divorced amicably.

> Keep the mood light and happy and focused on the future; don’t dwell on the negative. 

> Plan to watch divorce themed movies like the First Wives Club, Le Divorce, War of the Roses, or Waiting to Exhale

> Consider a “burning of the marriage license” ceremony. 

> Don’t do anything you will regret, like bad-mouthing your former spouse, burning mementos that may be important to your children, or becoming too intoxicated.

Although divorce is often times a necessary evil, a divorce party may be a way to put a positive spin on an otherwise negative situation. Many couples who have children together remain friends after the divorce. This can help children deal with the dislocation and pain of a divorce.

While some people may see a divorce party as being distasteful, it is really just a way to come to terms with a difficult situation and move forward. There is no sense in dwelling on a past negative relationship. Divorce is never easy, but a divorce party, like a wake, helps people understand that divorce is a part of life and shows them that they have the support of their friends in moving on.

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