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Lack of Intimacy Cited for Seniors Divorce

The main reason for divorce among 1,000 over-50 United Kingdom residents is a lack of intimacy. One-third of the men claimed their spouses were no longer interested in sex, and a little more than a quarter of the woman said … Continue reading

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No One Wants the House

The Sunshine State, with one of the highest foreclosure and mortgage delinquency rates in the nation, now finds that many divorcing Floridians no longer argue about who gets to keep the house, but rather about who has to keep the … Continue reading

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Attending the Divorce Hearing

If a hearing is required it is the last step in the divorce, and usually the legal end of the marriage. At the divorce hearing, the judge grants the divorce, and after the hearing, the court issues a divorce decree … Continue reading

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Foreign Divorce Decrees

According to the Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary, a foreign divorce is one “obtained in a different state or country from the place where one spouse resides at the time of the divorce. As a general rule, foreign divorces are recognized … Continue reading

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The Las Vegas Divorce

Nevada leads the nation in divorces per capita, and the divorce Mecca of the Silver State is Las Vegas, Clark County. Nevada’s liberal divorce laws – particularly its six-week residency law – have made divorce a growth industry in the … Continue reading

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Financial Documents and Divorce

To file for divorce, a spouse does not need any financial documents, but at some point during a divorce, a couple must make a financial disclosure before the divorce can be finalized. This normally means a thorough description of income, … Continue reading

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