Name Change During the Divorce Process

As part of a divorce, many woman, particularly those without children. reclaim their maiden names. All jurisdictions permit a woman to do this as a step in the divorce paperwork, and the divorce decree or judgment reflects the name change as part of a court order. As long as divorce decree includes a name change order, the last name is officially changed.

Some women with children keep their former husband’s last name for the sake of the children, and women who used their husband’s name professionally sometimes choose to keep it so not to complicate their career. (A small number of women skip either option and instead make up a new last name that is a combination of names reflecting they have become since they got married and later divorced, but this is much more complicated and may entail a separate court action. In this routine, the new last name is different from both the married and maiden names.)

Reclaiming a maiden or birth name is a far easier route to go than changing to a new name.

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