What is the Proper Amount of Child Support?

Each state has child support guidelines that will help you determine what amount the court would suggest based on variables such as the income of each spouse and the number of overnights. The method of determining child support with the child support worksheet will vary from state-to-state because the methods, schedule, and laws are unique. The courts will expect to see some type of child support being paid. In rare cases the child support may be “$0”, but this only really occurs when each spouse has equal income and has the child for the same amount of overnights each month. The court will allow you to deviate from the amount suggested on the child support worksheet as long as it is reasonable and the reasons for the deviation make sense. Courts are there to look out for the children. If you do plan on agreeing on a child support amount that is different from the child support support worksheet calculation, then be prepared to explain why. Also, almost all divorce cases involving children require a child support worksheet to be completed and filed, even if you are agreeing to a different amount or you plan to have no child support paid from one spouse to the other. Keep in mind that child support orders can be modified in the future and should be examined at least every two years. As circumstances change, a change in the support amount may be warranted.

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